9 things you'll hear in the Crocstar office every day

Classic phrases you're bound to hear in our office.

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We can chat about how many bacon sandwiches we ate at the weekend, the hilarious thing our cat did or we can take part in an in depth discussion about a particularly perfect pinstriped shirt we saw in Zara. It’s all about balance.

But there are few phrases and words that feature heavily throughout our day, so much so we had to create an ‘Overheard at Crocstar’ list. Here are 9 of our favourites. Enjoy.

  1. “I need a cup of tea.”

    Other variations include: “I want a tea.”, “Do we have milk?” and “I cannot do anything without a cup of tea in my hand.” You get it, we like tea.

  2. Balegdeh.”

    It’s pretty difficult to even begin to explain what this is. So we won’t. Just watch and learn.

  3. “It’s lit.”

    When something fun or exciting is happening and you and your friends are turnt up. You might hear us say this after writing something amazing.

  4. “Is it dinner time yet?”

    Stomachs start to rumble three minutes after finishing breakfast. We love dinner. There’s a mad dash for the microwave and a scramble to shove bread into the toaster (Lucie). Dinner is the only time we’re really quiet.

  5. “This tweet is too long!”

    Often shouted by Tom, while scheduling social posts for our clients - that 140 character count can be a real pain.

  6. “Is anyone in Sprout?”

    Sprout is the software we use to schedule social posts for clients. We love Sprout, but if someone logs in while you’re using it, it’ll kick you out. To stop this we shout this sentence at the top of our lungs beforehand.

  7. “Have you seen this meme?”

    There’s nothing we love more than opening the group chat to a new meme. We can’t choose a favourite (we’ve tried). Instead here are the most iconic memes of last year, in chronological order.

  8. “Let’s do a stand up.”

    Usually Aaron’s line. A stand up is what we do every morning around 10am to discuss what each of the team will be doing for the day. Aaron says this to get us in line, we can get distracted pretty easily.

  9. “I need a pun.”

    On a creative project (especially East Midlands Trains campaigns) we love using a good pun. But sometimes trying to think of one at 4:23pm on a Friday is tough. Instead, we ask everyone in the office. Cue a mass debate on which pun is funniest.

  10. “This is a banger”

    Said whenever we hear a track on Spotify that we love. Here are nine songs that are guaranteed to warrant a ‘banger’ response: