Crocstar Audience Series - Chapter four: Caboodle

Don’t try to impress anyone, just be yourself and you will find your tribe.

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Our love for independent magazines is well-documented on our Instagram and we’re particularly intrigued by indie mags which have managed to carve out their own niche on social.

One magazine that has grabbed our attention is Caboodle – an unapologetically bright bi-annual packed with achingly cool editorials and bold visuals. The magazine acts as a platform for independent creatives and designer-makers. Curating an engaging presence for Instagram and Facebook has become a vital part of sourcing brands and spreading their message.

To find out how digital and print can work together to build an organic audience, we nabbed Kayti Peschke, editor of Caboodle magazine, for a quick natter about social and how it’s helped to grow Caboodle’s following:

Hi Kayti, thank you so much for talking to us today. For our first question, would you mind giving us a little bit of background about Caboodle and where the magazine grew from?

I had always dreamed of working on a magazine, so when the opportunity arose to start up my own I jumped at it. I’d never designed anything before, so it was a massive learning curve that I went into rather blindly, but with a lot of enthusiasm.

I wanted to create a platform to shout about all the amazing things people do: makers, illustrators, writers and all manner of creatives. When the first issue came out it snowballed. Now you’ll find us worldwide – Caboodle really does grow a little with each issue.


Jumping to the digital side of your magazine, how has social media helped it grow?

It was through social media that we grew our following. Without Instagram the magazine would not exist – we’ve used it to find readers, contributors and advertisers. I’ve connected with so many wonderful people through Insta and made friends along the way.

How did you find your audience? Is there a social channel they seem to prefer?

Instagram is definitely the fave, although I think bespoke Facebook groups have a great sense of community and people interact more on them. I’ll be creating a Caboodle Facebook group next.

Often, a lot of people pick up the mag in bookshops and magazine shops and find us that way. I love that someone has been drawn in by the cover, picked it up and had a flick through and wanted to take it home.

What are your tips for connecting with a niche audience on social media?

Don’t try to impress anyone, just be yourself and you will find your tribe. 

What types of post get the most interaction (e.g. images / video and so on)?

Video and Boomerangs are great for getting people's attention – you can’t go wrong with something really colourful and fun.

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We love the way that you use Instagram as a platform for photoshoot ‘open calls’. How effective do you think Instagram is for helping to promote independents?

It's very effective. I discover new makers constantly through Instagram – it’s a great way to be seen and make connections. I like to do the open calls as I want Caboodle to be a showcase of up-and-coming talent. You will see a lot of new independents in the next issue.

Is there a connection between your Instagram aesthetic and the art direction for your magazine? Do they inspire each other?

I think it's all just a big mix of what’s rolling around in my brain. The magazine is a great outlet for my creativity – you could say that Caboodle’s Insta feed is an extension of the ideas in my head.

Which Instagram accounts and blogs are you obsessed with? Do they influence your content in any way?

I’m always inspired by Carrie from Not the Kind and I love to watch Forever Yours Betty’s Insta Stories. I’m a big fan of fellow Yorkshire girl Jenna Greenwood – her feed is a world of colour and I love her go-getting attitude to life.

I interview all my fave Insta gals for the mag and I’m always fangirling when I meet them. There are so many inspiring ladies that brighten up my world.

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How much do you use video on your social channels?

Probably not as much as I should, although I’d like to focus my energy on creating more video content in the future. In the meantime you’ll have to put up with my Boomerang obsession!

It looks like it's not just Team Crocstar that is obsessed with Boomerang. Thanks for chatting with us Kayti, we can’t wait to see the next issue of Caboodle.

Do you understand your audience better than anyone else could?

We’re on the hunt for influencers and brands that really understand their own audience and what makes them tick. If this sounds like you, drop us a line.