How can you use Snapchat for your business?

We’ve collected our top Snapchat hints, tips and tricks your business should be using.

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With voice changing filters, virtual reality and Bitmoji maps, how can you use some of Snapchat’s features for your business?

For the data lovers out there

  • 40% of Snapchat users are 18 - 24 year old millennials

  • 71% of users are under 34 years old

  • users open Snapchat around 18 times a day (on average)

  • users spend 25 - 30 minutes on the app (on average)

  • more than 400 million Snapchat stories are created every day

With this in mind, we’ve collected our top Snapchat hints, tips and tricks your business should be using.

Go Geo

Want your audience to promote and engage with your brand or product? It’s time for a Geofilter.

A Geofilter is a fun, creative overlay that Snapchatters use when they’re in a certain location. You can create them online or straight from your mobile if you’re a US user.

Often cities have multiple filters for various areas within them – the bigger the city, the more the filters. (London has lots!)


Snapchat’s latest update includes context cards – making it even easier for users to find out more about your business. Context cards are adapted from Geotag filters (Snapchat’s Google Maps integration feature).

When Snapchatters use a geotag to show where they are, other users can swipe while viewing the Snap to access the feature.

From a context cards, viewers can find out important information like business opening hours, TripAdvisor ratings and reviews. For restaurants, Snapchatters can even browse menus and make a booking.

As a nifty addition, by using a context card, Snapchatters can also find directions to nearby locations and transport options. Yes, you can even order an Uber or a Lyft directly through the app.

Create your own 

To create your own personalised filter simply choose what you want it to say or do: are you advertising a product, or you brand? Where do you want Snapchatters to be able to use it?

For example, if you’re a business advertising the opening of a new shop, create a personalised filter and set the parameters to that address. Encourage Snapchatters to visit the new store (do this by posting lots of Snaps to your story) and give them a discount if they use and add your company’s filter to their story.

If you’re a small business, set your filter on a small, popular area near your office. Know a busy local bar nearby? Stick your brand’s filter boundaries there – there’s nothing Snapchatters love more than showing people where they are and what they’re doing.


When they’re looking for filter to put over the top of ‘after-work drinks’ they’ll stumble across yours. This is a simple, yet effective, way to get your brand noticed.

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at how Coca-Cola and Sainsbury’s used personalised filters.


Take ad-vantage

A great way of promoting your brand or product is by using Snap ads – videos that are strategically played straight after a Snapchatter has watched one of their friend’s stories.

This short ad is ideal for promoting a certain product or giving a bit of information about your company. For example, Amazon Prime Video recently used a Snap ad to promote the second season of hit TV show, Preacher.

Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram adverts, you can set the objective of your campaign – do you want brand awareness, traffic to your website or installations of your app? Plus you can set the demographics of your desired audience and country.


Be a storyteller

The biggest thing businesses forget when they’re using Snapchat is that people love a great story.

Your Snapchat story is the best, organic way to get people to engage with your brand. As they last for just 24 hours, it’s a clever, challenging way to get people interested in your short narrative.

Stories are a piece of cake to create, and it doesn’t have to be cinematic or polished. They can be fun and silly, offer behind-the-scenes previews or just keep it simple – Snap a story of how you make a cup of tea (there’s always someone who takes offence to putting the milk in first).

Or has your company just published a blog post or article? A quick and easy way to get people to see and read it is by adding it to your Story. In Snapchat’s latest update you can attach a link to your Snap that’ll take the viewer to the webpage when they swipe upwards. Voilà! Instant hits.

By making your Story creative and fun, you’ll gain loyal followers. After you’ve posted your story check how many people have watched it: did one Snap get more views than another? Why?


Put your brand on the map

Ok, there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding Snapchats Snap Maps. But they’re pretty useful for businesses.

If your company has a synonymous figure that represents your brand it’s time to create a Bitmoji.

Bitmojis let you create a mini cartoon figure of yourself (with curiously accurate facial features). Once you’ve created your Bitmoji you can use it as a sticker for your Snaps or overlay filter, send them as fun chat images and as of recently, as a 3D augmented reality figure – our favourite feature yet. 





Snapchat’s Snap Map is an easy way to show people your location – or the location of your company.

Your location is updated every time you use the app but you can use ghost mode when you’re not at work (because not everyone needs to see you’re at the supermarket doing the big shop).

If your Snapchat contacts have a Bitmoji character you’re likely to see them dotted around the map doing all sorts of things.


The map is basically a heat map too – if you spy a red spot it means there’s something happening. From music concerts to marathons, Snapchat is now letting you see events and occasions occurring all around the world.

Which is great news for you.

Now when you upload a Snap to your story you have the option to upload it to ‘Our Story’ if you’re near a location or event that’s popular. By doing this, everyone in the area, or even those across the other side of the world get to see your Snap.

It’s a super quick way to get your brand noticed – and potentially gain an international client. Nice.

Wait, there’s more

Interested in using Snapchat for your company? We offer a Snapchat masterclass training session to help you get the best out of your Bitmoji.

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