Our 9 favourite Youtube videos

All aboard the lols train.

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We have a specific itch that needs to be scratched. There’s a particular part of our funny bone that can only be satisfied by a niche corner of the internet. This collection of videos never fails to leave Team Crocstar in a tea-spluttering, belly-laughing, cheek-aching giggly mess and now we’d like to share the lolz with you.

Although if you’re watching at work (we know you so are), you may want to pop your headphones in as a couple are a tad NSFW.


For when there are no words, there is only ‘balegdah’. Even though it means absolutely nothing it’s somehow become one of our most used phrases in the office.


What starts with “sherlloid bai sherlloid” ends with something pretty spectacular. You won’t be disappointed, but you might be in trouble if you play this one at work.


Failure summed up in one video. Christine will use this video as an analogy on the rare occasion that we write something that isn’t 100% lit.

Enjoy sum doggos

It’s impossible to have a bad day whilst doggos walk the earth. If you need an extra dose of cuteness to get you through life, this is your video. Arf.


The flick of the wrist, the self-deprecating giggle, the distance of the flying milk - we all have a favourite bit. Everything about this video is perfection.

I can’t believe you’ve dan this

Why is he wearing a blind cord around his head? Why is he wearing sunglasses indoors? So many questions.

Yer a wizard

We’re pretty sure we could get through a whole day using only quotes from this video (don’t judge us).

The Butterfield Diet Plan

Fluffy ruffs. Birthday pie. Potato grids. Often heard when we’re discussing what we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or what we’re about to eat. Or just eating in general. We like food, ok.


If you or someone you know is pergnant, gregat or just plain preganonant you should probably sit down and watch this very serious infomercial.