Quick and easy tweaks you can make to your social channels today

Get your social media mojo back.

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You’ve just got the hang of Instagram and now it’s turning into Facebook, and what on earth is an algorithm?

If you’re feeling a little lost or think it's time for a refresh give us a call and we’ll get the kettle on. In the meantime make these small, simple changes today and get your social media mojo back.

Add a little app-iness

Since it launched in 2015, Boomerang has been Team Crocstar’s favourite app. It’s an easy way to add short videos to your social accounts without the need for expensive video and editing equipment. It was created by the team from Instagram, so you know you’re in good hands.

If you’re a visual brand, use Boomerang to bring your products to life. If you’re a non-visual brand it’s still worth giving it a go to add interest to those all important behind-the-scenes snaps.

Take a few seconds to film something simple today and see how much engagement you get. Boomerang definitely came in handy for our Crocmas Jumper Off! #TinselTwitching.

Go off topic

Be brave, ditch some posts you had scheduled and talk about trending topics instead. While it’s a good idea to keep a structure with regular content, remember that social media is all about showing who you are.

A spontaneous post about your favourite author's birthday or a reposted recipe video of a dish you’d like to try adds authenticity to your feed. Customers want to see the real you, so go on, show off your imagination and personality you fabulous human.

Say hello

Perhaps on the surface it seems that your social channels have been ticking over nicely. On closer inspection, you realise you’re not getting as many likes or comments as you used to. This might be due to those pesky algorithms.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use algorithms to tailor content to people’s interests. It’s also a cheeky way to make businesses pay for more ad space or boosted posts, to make sure their content is still seen.

We work with bloggers who all say that changes in algorithms have resulted in a dip in interaction with their followers. The best way to tackle this is head on: say hello. When you think ‘vlogger’ do you imagine a sleek (and pricey) camera and lighting set up? Thanks to app features like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, all you need now is somewhere quiet with a clear background to film.

Start 2017 like men's lifestyle blogger Eli Ankutse and reintroduce yourself to your followers. This is a quick-and-easy way to let new followers know what you’re all about, and keep your regular followers updated on what's next. Plus, when you film a live video on Facebook or Instagram, all of your followers will get a notification and head to your profile. Sneaky.

Stop! Collaborate and listen

Hyperlocalisation isn’t a made up word (really). It's going to be one of 2017’s biggest digital trends.  While it has the potential to turn into one of those really annoying hipster buzzwords, the intention behind it is actually a pretty great philosophy to adopt.

People are bored of seeing Zoella advertising lip gloss, they want something real. Keeping things local on your social channels makes things personal and creates a sense of community. Try teaming up with other local businesses and do a giveaway or highlight local companies that you love in a blog post.

If you try out any of these quick tweaks today, let us know how it goes.