The 2008 series: Fashion

We like to imagine Christine wearing ALL THESE THINGS while she was dreaming of how amazing Crocstar would be one day.

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2008 was so visually stimulating fashion-wise that we’re only able to set the scene through pictures:

Victoria Beckham looked like this:


Kim Kardashian’s go-to look was this:


And Arctic Monkeys turned up to the BRIT Awards wearing this:


Ok, there are a lot of powerful looks going on here. But what were the main trends that we all wore back then?

If you make it to the end of our toe-curling list without wanting to burn every old photo of yourself, we’ll be seriously impressed.

The waist belt

This cheeky little number was every fashionista’s finishing touch for an alcopop fuelled night out. It also worked as a sophistication-increaser with your white work blouse. The waist belt’s only undoing was its incompatibility with post-lunch slump. Ouch.


Leggings as tights, or tights as leggings

There were no rules in 2008. As long as they were short, tight and black they were considered incredibly chic. We’re not sure if this was compulsory, but leggings were usually so synthetic we’re surprised our legs didn’t catch on fire as we walked.  Extra points if they were a super-flattering calf length.


If you weren’t indie, you weren't anything

Something strange gripped the UK in 2008, coinciding with the release of Kings of Leon’s Only By The Night:

Jeans were only acceptable if they cut off your blood circulation. You only removed your leather jacket in an emergency. A checked shirt was required by law to be artfully ripped.

Of course, actual guitar playing ability was optional.


Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. Owner of murdered feet.

Eventually summer forced us to peel off our Ugg boots and look elsewhere for uber-fashionable footwear. Salvation came in the form of the gladiator sandal. These basically acted as cages for your feet and resembled medical leg braces. Hot.


Now that we’ve reached the end of our noughties nostalgia, you may be wondering why Team Crocstar are the authority on fashion? It’s because in 2008, we looked like this:

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