The 2008 series: Music

2008 was weird for so many reasons, but what we were listening to may have taken the biscuit.

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Here’s a whistle-stop tour of some of the tunes that we danced, sang and generally made fools of ourselves to:

Contributed by Abi
Our first nod to the year of the pob features Cassius by Foals.

2008 was the height of the indie explosion, but also its great downfall… when Kings Of Leon decided to release Sex On Fire in November. With this move they broke Abi’s heart and single-handedly made themselves a staple for 50th birthday parties throughout the land. 

Contributed by Shannon 

Moving swiftly on from that episode, another firm ‘banger’ on our 2008 playlist is Dance Wiv Me by Dizzee Rascal.  

If you ventured into any club night, in any city, on any night, you’d definitely be bouncing along to tracks like this. Then apologising to everyone whose drinks you sent flying – #VeryBritishProblems. Unfortunately, it was also the year we all completely embarrassed ourselves by dancing along this travesty that made number 1 in July… shakes head.

Contributed by Christine

In a year of complete contrasts, 2008 was when we saw Bullet For My Valentine and Biffy Clyro in the top ten, alongside some of the biggest pop hits of the decade.

I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry, Womanizer by Britney and If I Were A Boy by Beyonce took over our airwaves – every radio station seemed to play these three on rotation. All. The. Time. 

It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t give a mention to Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, who covered Valerie by The Zutons. Although released in 2007, this earworm spent 36 consecutive weeks in the charts until May 2008.

Contributed by Lucie 

You could also say 2008 was pretty emotional where tunes were concerned. Adele had her breakthrough with Chasing Pavements and we all sobbed when not one, not two, but THREE X Factor singles reached number 1 in winter (Hero by The X Factor Finalists, Run by Leona Lewis and Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke).

On the same level of course, let's not forget this moving track by Flo Rida. Can someone pass us the tissues please?  

But what about you?

We’d love to know what you regret listening to in 2008. In tribute to our 9th birthday, send us your favourite tracks and we’ll make the best worst best playlist in celebration.