The 2008 series: Social media

Do you remember what Twitter looked like?

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In 2008, we were so self important that we referred to ourselves in the third person on social media:

Why on earth did we do that? Probably because Facebook made us start our status updates with ‘is’:


Social media was still pretty new in 2008. The early adopters were often web designers - which was great for networking and spreading the word about digital copywriting. We’ve always worked closely with designers and developers and a lot of those relationships started over Twitter in 2008.  

We weren’t yet addicted to our phones

Although the iPhone was out, most of us still had phones with clicky buttons and all touching your screen did was make it smudgy. Going online on your phone wasn’t that easy - or pleasant - due to the slow speeds.  

Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest were still distant dreams, although a lot of us were sharing images on Flickr. In the UK in 2008, only 56% of us had a broadband connection so both up and downloading images took a bit of time. And you certainly didn’t want to do it on your handheld device.

We emoted differently

Emojis were not yet a thing. But we did use smileys and emoticons - remember those little fellas? ;-) Look at how fast the word ‘emoji’ has taken over:


In case you were wondering:

Social media was different to your website

We hadn’t yet made the leap to using social media as a customer service platform, it felt separate to corporate identities. Lots of brands jumped on social and started using it as a broadcast channel, rather than as a way to listen to their customers. Over the years this has been a rough lesson to learn for some companies, while others have shown how to use social media well as a brand.  

What do you remember about social media in 2008?