Twitterbots: Are tiny robots taking over the internet?

Black Mirror, anyone?

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Twitter accounts that can tweet, follow and send messages without any human input. It sounds like the plot for a sinister futuristic film. Black Mirror anyone?

But despite their bad reputation, Twitterbots aren’t limited to churning out annoying spam (and they aren’t tiny robots plotting to overthrow the human race). They’re also peculiar, humorous and sometimes beautiful.

From an account that creates tiny pictures of art galleries to one that generates mini poems, we’ve compiled a list of the best positive bots to follow.

1. Self care made simple

Tinycarebot is a little ray of internet sunshine, created by writer @jonnysun. It tweets supportive words and snippets of self-care advice. From taking a big deep breath to eating something nutritious or listening to your favourite song, the bot reminds you to take a few seconds out to prioritise yourself.

2. Mini masterpieces

Another Twitterbot uses punctuation (and the occasional emoji) to create striking mini images.

Tiny_star_field makes pictures of a starry night sky, Infinitedeserts creates desert scenes complete with cacti and Thetinygallery makes little art galleries. Follow these accounts and your Twitter feed will be a work of art in no time.

3. Prose to make you ponder

Twitter poetry? 140 characters might seem a bit short to write anything more than a haiku, yet bots are creating micropoetry that is funny and profound in equal measure.

Twitterbot Poem_exe’s poignant poems are rarely longer than 10 words, but add a dash of creative wisdom to your feed. Other bots take inspiration from influential poets – such as JustToSayBot and DependsUponBot – that rework William Carlos Williams's famous poems in Twitter form.

Our feed always has room for more Twitterbots

Have you ever created a Twitterbot? Whether it's recipes, short stories, horoscopes or something even more unique, we’d love to hear your creative ideas. Tweet us your favourite bots and we’ll give them a follow.