Crocstar Audience series - Chapter two: Flipboard

Ever wonder how we keep our content on-trend and relevant to each of our clients?

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In a world of automated tweets, scheduled social posts and spam Instagram followers, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to create meaningful content that really connects with an audience.

In the second chapter of our audience series, we’ve spoken to Jess Elsey, Flipboard’s UK News Editor. She tells us about using the app to curate personalised content for each of our clients, to keep their content authentic and engaging.

What is Flipboard?

It’s an online resource that collects content from social feeds, blogs and media outlets. It’s presented in a ‘magazine’ format so you can flip through news stories and articles from different sources – all in one place.

Pick a topic and it will curate content for your needs. Everything from in-depth opinion pieces to snappy listicles – essential if you need to get the full picture on a topic in a short amount of time.

Jess tells us that Flipboard’s motto is: “not breaking, but best”. Her and her team curate content so that individuals can get the true facts (not fake news) about what they’re interested in – empowering them to make informed, personal decisions and opinions.

Flipboard has got this storytelling functionality and personalisation absolutely spot-on, so it’s no surprise that it’s a hit with the discerning millennial market.

How do we use it at Crocstar?

Ever wonder how we keep our content on-trend and relevant to each of our clients? Because we always have Flipboard in our favourites bar *insert smug emoji here*

Jess tells us there are a whopping 30,000 topics to browse on Flipboard, which helps us to quickly find content for the audience of our vastly different clients. We can keep up-to-date with everything from the travel industry to home interior trends.


We’re always sharing interesting and relevant articles between us. Our Riveting reading magazine is for fun, interesting stuff (think Pornhub, Pepsi and Pepe the frog). Whereas our Required reading is full of relevant, important content that every Crocstar should take a look at. It’s great for broadening our knowledge with a wider selection of reading.

We also use Flipboard to keep on top of of the biggest new stories of the day. When breaking news… breaks, Flipboard creates ‘picks’ and updates as the event happens. For example, the Westminster attack had its own magazine that was regularly updated as the events unfolded.

Here’s how we use it for our clients
We’re already using Flipboard for our client,GB Labels - a British company who supply custom woven labels.

If we wanted to find a relevant article about crafting trends for GB Labels, we’d usually spend a few minutes Googling to find the most reliable or relatable content.

We’ve created our magazine on Flipboard, which collates diverse content about crafts and fashion. We can be super-specific and include subcategories, like embroidery and knitting. After a few ‘flips’, we usually find the exact article we’re looking for.


Absolutely everyone is using the app

Flipboard’s demographic consists of equal thirds of Millennials, Generation X and Baby boomers. But they’re not necessarily using it in the same way.

Millennials (renowned for being social media savvy whizz kids with selective tendencies) love Flipboard as it’s super-easy to pick and choose the content they want to read.

Jess tells us:

“I interviewed a Geography teacher who uses Flipboard. He works for the International Baccalaureate foundation in Geneva – it’s similar to GCSEs.

“He created a magazine for his pupils – instead of giving them handouts that none of them would read and put them into his magazine. He’d ask them to reply with their opinions and questions within Flipboard.

“From this, he shared his magazine resource with five other teachers doing the same thing across the world. The end result was that the students were encouraged to engage with their learning and with students from other schools.”

Generation X and Baby boomers seem to enjoy creating personal magazines the most – you can make your magazines private and invite others to contribute or flip through.

Jess explains how an older audience might use Flipboard:

I met a guy who had just recently become a grandad. He made a magazine full of photos of his new grandchild. He made it private and shared it with his family, (who live far away from each other). He made them collaborators - now they all add photos of the newborn.

“It’s really sweet and so interesting to hear how differently Flipboard is being used - it’s not just a news app.”

How does the UK News Editor of Flipboard use it?

Jess uses her House to home magazine to collect interior inspiration.

She said: “I love scrolling all the way back to the start, when I first created the magazine to see how my preferences have changed and developed – a lot of the time I’m thankful I didn’t decide to go with some of the ideas!

“It’s lovely to see my journey, like a scrapbook.”


Jess says what she loves most about Flipboard is that it works for absolutely anything. From digital marketing to dogs – we like totally love Jess’ Kardashian Kollective magazine.


It’s safe to say, Flipboard has now joined Trello, Google docs… and tea, in an ever-growing list of tools that we couldn’t function without. Try it out and don’t forget to give us a follow.

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