You should be using Snapchat. Here's why

What makes Snapchat so popular with 18-24 year olds?

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It can be obvious you haven’t done your research when trying to reach millennials and generation X on social media. From getting your tone of voice right to making sure the aesthetic of your content is spot on, you’ll need a strong strategy. Or in this case, a Snap-egy.

While Facebook and Instagram dominate the 18-24 demographic, it’s Snapchat that keeps them coming back for more. Statistics show that under 25s open Snapchat over 20 times a day – no wonder Instagram has been accused of taking ‘inspiration’ from Snapchat’s more innovative features.

But what is it about Snapchat that makes it so popular with 18-24 year olds?

Shannon is a Crocstar content creator (and the other half of Shabi) – she’s also a millennial and as luck would have it, a Snapchat obsessive. In this blog post, we pick her brain on Geofilters, Snap Streaks and Bitmojis to find out why your brand should be using Snapchat to engage with a youth audience.

Why is Snapchat different to other social platforms?

The creativity it encourages. With the Bitmoji integration (it’s like having your very own mini me) I can create completely personalised stories that turn into a mini narrative over the days. And then with the option to add stickers, filters, overlays and URLs I can customise my posts so that they don’t look like anyone else's.


The self-deleting nature of the app is also different to other platforms (you can set how long you want your Snaps to be seen by others for and your Snap Story lasts for just 24 hours). I think this encourages users to keep uploading and Snapping, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

And there’s the gamification, such as the Snap Streak feature: a 🔥 emoji will appear next to the name of one of your friends if you have Snapped each other within 24 hours for more than 3 consecutive days. This gives users a reason to keep snapping and keep the streak going.

These features encourage you to keep coming up with even more creative Snaps – I’m not surprised that over 60% of users are on the app every day!

Tell us about your favourite Snapchat feature

I love visiting new places and seeing if there are personalised Geofilters. These are cool, quirky designs that let people know where I am – I like to collect as many as I can and save them in my Memories. It’s like a game.


What can brands get out of using Snapchat?

Snapchat can help you to grow your audience by offering them something real in return for engaging with your brand. It could be a fun and friendly news update, a discount on a new product or a customisable filter they can ‘collect’.


Snapchat’s latest update includes context cards – making it even easier for users to find out more about your business. Context cards are adapted from Geotag filters (Snapchat’s Google Maps integration feature). 

When Snapchatters use a geotag to show where they are, other users can swipe while viewing the Snap to access the feature.

From a context cards, viewers can find out important information like business opening hours, TripAdvisor ratings and reviews. For restaurants, Snapchatters can even browse menus and make a booking.

As a nifty addition, by using a context card, Snapchatters can also find directions to nearby locations and transport options. Yes, you can even order an Uber or a Lyft directly through the app.


What are your top tips for brands using Snapchat?

Relax your brand tone of voice. Use your other channels to direct your audience to Snapchat for time-limited offers and discounts they can use online or instore. Over time, these mini-events can help to build your brand profile and garner a loyal following.

Create a bank of user generated content. Millennials – renowned for their lack of interest in ‘stuff’ prefer to document their experiences on social media. The ‘checking in’ Geofilter feature is great for doing this and acts as free advertising – perfect if you want people to promote and engage with your brand, location or product.

Plus once you’ve used a Geofilter it’ll be added to ‘Our Story’ – a collection of everyone’s images taken at that location. This means that when you explore the Snap map your image will be available for everyone to see when they tap the location.

Create your own on demand personalised filters. These are great alongside a social media strategy and offer a fun element to your campaign while encouraging engagement from your audience. We’ll be showing you how to do this in an upcoming post so keep your eyes peeled.

Got a new blog post or product you want to shout about? Snapchat now lets you add a URL to take users straight to it. Simply press the paperclip icon to attach a website to a Snap. Your followers can swipe up to open it in Snapchat’s internal browser. Voilà!

Let’s wrap things up with a cheesy segue. Shannon, how easy is it for brands to get started on Snapchat?

It’s super simple to set up an account but like nailing the tone of voice for your brand, you might need tips on styling your Snaps and advice on Bitmojis, stickers and filters along the way.

You may want to think about training your team to be Snapchat savvy or handing it over altogether if you’re short on time. Luckily we offer a Snapchat masterclass to help you decide what’s best for your brand.

Drop us an email to sign up for some bespoke training (with a nifty discount for a limited time) and get all your Snapchat questions answered.