Use Facebook's data to your advantage

Tiny audiences shouldn’t be forgotten – they can be your most powerful advocates.

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We know, that you know, that Facebook knows, a lot about us all. From your birthday photos to the bands you like, it’s no secret that Facebook holds a lot of data.

Although it might sound shady to take advantage of this, there’s nothing wrong with using data to review and improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

When you take the time to understand Facebook data, it’s easier than you think to make your social media marketing more effective. Luckily for you, we’ve whipped up this breakdown of how to make the most of information at your disposal.

Using Audience Insights


Within Facebook Ad Manager, the Audience Insights function is a useful tool to monitor and develop your marketing campaigns. Even if you aren’t creating paid ad campaigns, you can find out interesting details about the people interacting with your page.

If you’re looking to try out new types of content to engage with your audience, this tool can help you find topics, trends or resources that your audience is likely to be interested in.

You can also use this feature to analyse specific audiences to target with new content. You can define the audience you want to analyse by setting specific parameters like age, location, gender or interests.

For example, if you have a mailing list of existing customers, you can use this to create a custom audience. If your aim is to engage with your existing followers, then you can analyse those already connected to your page.

While you’re in Audience Insights, you should also keep an eye on the ‘Page Likes’ tab.


This tool generates a list of pages that your target audience is interested in. It also offers you more detailed information of how relevant each topic is to this audience compared with the average Facebook user.

Why use Facebook Ad Manager to target smaller audiences?
It may seem counterintuitive to try and engage with smaller groups of people within your social media marketing efforts. But tiny audiences shouldn’t be forgotten – they can be your most powerful advocates.
Focusing your efforts on a smaller audience group means that you can get more specific with your criteria – and understand exactly what engages them.      

By narrowing your audience, you reduce the level of competition and increase the odds of your content resonating with individuals. Your spend should also be lower, because you’re advertising in a segment with less competition.


Using Audience Insights in your next campaign

With this information under your belt, you can make more educated decisions when it comes to paid advertising.

Once you’ve established a target audience and created content that appeals to them, then you can measure the impact of your research in Audience Insights. If you repeat the process, target different audiences and feed the results into other campaigns, you’ll have an efficient ad creating machine in no time.

The real benefit of using these tools is that they’re readily available and most importantly, free to use. You just have to pay for the ad itself – which you now know can be produced much more cheaply.

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