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Slow reading: 2017’s biggest trend?

Nestled among glossy celeb mags and television guides is a growing wave of book-like independent magazines, covering every niche from Alpine mountain biking to rare dog breeds. For part two of The Power of Words blog series, we catch up with Alex Smith, self-confessed bibliophile and owner of Nottingham indie mag shop Ideas on Paper.

A world apart from major bookshop chains, Alex wanted his shop to focus on what matters: the words. Fuelled by his lifelong love of reading, he created a space that feels like a welcoming haven.

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You should be using Snapchat. Here's why

It can be obvious you haven’t done your research when trying to reach millennials and generation X on social media. From getting your tone of voice right to making sure the aesthetic of your content is spot on, you’ll need a strong strategy. Or in this case, a Snap-egy.

While Facebook and Instagram dominate the 18-24 demographic, it’s Snapchat that keeps them coming back for more. 

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Trending topic etiquette for brands: a Crocstar guide

Engagement isn’t a one-way street. If you want to see real growth on your social channels, you’ll need to have meaningful interaction with your audience on a regular basis. One way to show your audience you care about the same new stories, current events and memes is to get involved with trending topics.

Trending topics add value to your brand by giving your audience a reason to follow you. Whether they get a lunch break chuckle, an empowering message or some helpful information, offer your audience something they can enjoy.

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Why social adverts can really pay off

We’re huge advocates of growing a social audience organically for the simple reason that it generates relevant engagement and a steady increase of genuine followers. 

But if you're looking to boost your engagement and really get noticed, knowing your stuff when it comes to social adverts can help you to create a campaign with impact.

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How can digital support your next big ad campaign?

Planning your next big ad campaign? A strong, supporting social campaign can deliver your brand’s message to even more of the right people – without swallowing the rest of your budget. 

But a half-hearted hashtag and YouTube video just won’t cut it nowadays – your audience is crying out for more. A well-planned, well-executed campaign can extend the longevity of your campaign and even help you to engage with a whole new audience.

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