We could tell you about how ‘innovative’ and ‘creative’ we are but we’d rather bring it back to basics: we’re people who love to tell stories. And we want to help you tell yours.

We’ve been wrangling content since back in the day when Yahoo was cool. We’ve written copy that inspires people to travel by train, about what nano-coating technology is and on colour palettes for decorating the home. What can we say, we’re adaptable. We’re also lovely folks who care about creating engaging content that produces results.  

Meet our Team


Christine Cawthorne


A BBC-trained journalist, Christine set up Crocstar in 2008 in response to the growing need for well-crafted digital copy.

You’ll always find Christine with a stack of post-it notes and pens. She works with clients to understand what they need and set the strategy. She also gives every bit of content her final seal of approval before it goes out the door.

Christine works on content strategy, consultancy and training.

Crocstar trivia: The team bought Christine a ‘Boss’ badge last year and she still hasn’t taken it off.

Christine’s most overused phrase: “My mum’s French.”


Matt Edwards

Business partner

Matt works with clients to understand what they need and how we’re going to do it. He’s a brilliant storyteller and has people in stitches with his tales. Matt’s background is in film and video, so he’s also a whizz with the silver screen. 

Matt works on client relationship management and business processes.

Crocstar trivia: Matt recently spent 18 months working in Singapore.

Matt’s most overused phrase: “I’m not caffeinated enough.”


Shannon Watson

Writer and content creator

Literature-obsessed Shannon has been writing copy all of her life. As a graduate from a creative writing course at Derby University, witty alliterations, snappy sentences and a killer attention to detail comes naturally. 

Shannon works on creating content for different channels. 

Crocstar trivia: In 2016, Shannon watched 120 films and completed her 30 book challenge. In her spare time, she writes short stories on her blog. 

Shannon's most overused phrase: "I just watched this great film..."


Mollie Carberry

Content researcher

Mollie is sunshine personified and the oil that keeps our creative content wheels spinning. She’s a superstar when it comes to writing blog posts and a natural at analysing data. Every office needs a Mollie (but you can’t have ours).

Mollie works on: social media campaigns, blogging and researching.

Crocstar trivia: English Literature graduate Mollie is actually an undercover novelist. Sneaky.

Mollie's most overused phrase: “I’ve got houmous for lunch.”