How can digital support your next big ad campaign?

A half-hearted hashtag and YouTube video won’t cut it

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Planning your next big ad campaign? A strong, supporting social campaign can deliver your brand’s message to even more of the right people – without swallowing the rest of your budget. But a half-hearted hashtag and YouTube video just won’t cut it nowadays – your audience is crying out for more. A well-planned, well-executed campaign can extend the longevity of your campaign and even help you to engage with a whole new audience.

As we’re only months away from the launch of the biggest ads of the year (cue men on the moon and trampolining dogs), it’s a great opportunity to think about how digital platforms can help drum up anticipation for a big campaign.

Attract hard-to-reach demographics

An on-brand TV advert is great, unless a huge demographic that you want to reach just aren’t interested. Less than 1% of millennials respond to traditional advertising because they feel it lacks authenticity – flashy production values and celebrity cameos just don’t speak to them.

Millennials only engage with brands that they feel communicate with their audience on a genuine level. Brands that have taken the time to show an understanding of the millennial mindset have found success by tailoring content to their digital channels.

For example, in a recent campaign Spotify showed how much it really knew its audience by creating localised messages on social media, email and digital billboards using data from real listeners. While Coca Cola has taken to Snapchat, changing its entire tone of voice so that it doesn’t sound like obvious advertising.

Extend the lifespan of your campaign with a pre, during and post approach:


With a strong pre-campaign you can encourage engagement prior to the big launch. GIFs, infographics and a giveaway or two are all ways that you can generate interest in your campaign before your ad even airs.

During campaign

One of our favourite ways to add an extra layer of interest to a campaign is by enlisting influencers to spread the message. Through collaborations such as blogger events or hashtag campaigns, you’ll be able to share the audience of aspirational bloggers while your advert is at its peak, generating even more conversation about your brand.


Influencer marketing should also be at the core of any good post-campaign. Inspired by their favourite influencers, your audience will be sharing enough high quality user generated content to keep your message going strong, long after your ad has aired.

Stretch your spend even further

Adding a social media element to your ad campaign isn’t as costly as you might think – you’d be amazed by what a considered £5 advert on Facebook can achieve.

Brands often forget that setting up a social channel is absolutely free. Just ask our friend, artisan coffee shop owner and Instagram influencer, Sam Binstead who increased sales at his business by 200% after finding his audience on Instagram.

And although digital content requires a lot of attention to detail, it doesn’t necessarily have to have a perfect aesthetic. As a result, video production and visual content don’t have to be super-polished (and take up your whole budget). Your audience will respond more to content that feels natural and off the cuff or offers a behind-the-scenes look at your brand.

Inspired to use digital to get your brand message out there?

From setting you up on Snapchat to finding the right influencers for your brand, there are a number of ways we can make sure your ad gets seen by even more of your target audience.

If you’d like to add a digital element to your next big campaign, find out more about our campaign management service.