How important are influencers to your brand?

Influencers are an excellent starting point for getting ideas together on brand aesthetics and content ideas.

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Social is all about being social – but in this noisy online world your brand needs to work a bit harder to get heard. This can take time and investment unless you’re savvy. To gain followers and engage your target audience with stylised creative content, we recommend working with influencers. 

What (and who) are social media influencers?

In short: influencers are individuals with a big presence on social media. They use their posts to ‘influence’ the buying decisions of their loyal followers, whether that’s via a blog, a YouTube channel or just a gorgeous Instagram feed. Big brands tend to only work with influencers that have over 10,000 followers, whereas smaller brands would benefit from working with anyone with over 5,000.

How they can support your brand?

In the world of YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat we’re constantly bombarded with video content and sexy snaps. It’s all too easy to get distracted. Current stats show that only 20% of Facebook posts generate an emotional response from users, whilst adverts don’t generate any.

Your audience is crying out for a relationship with your brand that feels genuine, rather than an in-your-face advert. That’s where influencers come in - they can help you to establish a real connection with your target market.

Join forces with bloggers who align with your brand and they might include your products in a video, review your brand in a blog post or feature your products in an Instagram shot. This type of content is effective because it’s ‘real’ and seems more authentic than an advert. It’s a great way to show who your brand is and let the customer judge for themselves – rather than tell them how wonderful you are.

Take make-up giant MAC as an example. Their brand is so popular with 15 to 34-year-olds because they’ve reacted quickly to the beauty blogging phenomenon. A YouTube search shows just how many influencers are featuring MAC products in their tutorials. With popular beauty influencers generating up to a million views per video, these are numbers that print ads just can’t compete with.

Using this approach MAC are also able to diversify their appeal. Consider the 15-year-old who wants to use mascara for the first time or the 32-year-old professional who wants to try a smokey eye on her next night out. By learning from a YouTube tutorial they’ll feel supported, valued and inspired rather than pressured by an advert. Creating a ‘big sisterly’ vibe through video content, MAC have conquered the notoriously difficult to persuade millennial market.

What can you get out of collaborations?

Thanks to an increased awareness of your brand you’ll start to see real engagement and steady growth of followers. Inspired by the influencers, your audience will then start to share their own stylised images and social posts. This will increase your brand’s reach and provide you with high quality content to repost.

Collaborating with influencers is also a great alternative to time consuming market research. You can tap into what your audience are talking about and see what they really think of your brand. Trialling a new social campaign? Monitor how much engagement you get. Launching a new product or service? Hello instant feedback.

We’ll work with you to find the right influencers for your brand.

Influencers are an excellent starting point for getting ideas together on brand aesthetics and content ideas. That’s why in your first meeting with us we’ll ask you who the most influential bloggers in your industry are.

Because we’ve built a rapport with some of the UK’s most popular influencers we can recommend bloggers who will truly represent your brand. We’re also able to spot the next big bloggers through hashtags and Twitter events. And then there’s also our own favourites that we look at (obsessively stalk) on Instagram.

Whether you’re a niche brand or a big company, there’ll be a blogging community eager to engage with your products. If you’d like to tap into your audience like never before, get in touch.