How to harness the power of inspiring social

Want to add a breath of fresh air to your social channels?

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With 24/7 updates, endless scrolling and constant push screen notifications, keeping up with social media can seem like a full time job (wait a minute).

When we think of social our brain tends to bring up thoughts of Twitter trolls or snapping photos of your meal instead of savouring the moment. At Crocstar, we believe that social is worth more and can do more for your brand.

Being online has all sorts of benefits, from inspiring us to get creative to enabling us to share a witty one liner with hundreds of people.

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If you're a company that’s looking to branch out into the world of social or just want to find out how you can make your brand’s platforms an uplifting place to be, there are a few things that your audience may already be crying out for:

A bit of motivation

With #MondayMotivation inspiring roughly 1,675 tweets an hour every single day and over 5 million posts on Instagram, it’s clear your audience wants to feel like you’re supporting them to achieve their potential.

One of the ways you can inspire your audience is with an aspirational Instagram feed, impeccably styled with a dash of encouragement and authenticity. This approach has been harnessed by strangely satisfying organisation themed accounts such as The Neat Method and The Home Edit.

Their photos are styled enough to be motivational but their captions are filled with supportive advice to make you feel like you can do it too.

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A prompt to get creative

While social appears to be all about being free and spontaneous, in reality most posts are pre-planned and styled to be ‘on brand’. Want to add a breath of fresh air to your social channels? We recommend engaging your audience with a hashtag movement or daily challenge.

In the past, we’ve been inspired by ‘The Happy Lettering Challenge’ which encourages users to improve their calligraphy (fancy). We also fangirled over Allison Sadler’s #FreeUpMyInsta challenge – it’s the perfect example of cultivating a little community in your corner of the internet.

By encouraging positive, real engagement you’ll be able to retain your audience while offering them the chance to be a part of something meaningful. You little ray of sunshine, you.

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An ‘aww’ moment on a Monday morning

Thanks to relatable memes and hilarious GIFs, shareable content has taken over our newsfeeds. From doggos (bork, bork) to the delightful Geoffrey Walk, we just can’t resist content that makes us smile.

But how can this work for your brand? First off, don’t be afraid to break away from brand messaging and dip your toe into what’s on trend. Big brands like ASOS know that by sharing relatable content, they’ll attract their target audience to their page who will in turn share posts with their friends, extending their organic reach.

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There’s also the feelgood factor at play. Social media has a bad rap for encouraging judgment, criticism and the dreaded FOMO. By sharing uplifting content you’ll help to bring a spot of pure, unadulterated joy to someone’s newsfeed. Sharing feelgood content with no agenda is a great way to set yourself apart from brash ads and ‘selly’ posts – why not brighten up someone’s day and make your brand the hero all in one go?

But brands beware – humour is subjective and sharing memes, GIFs and other relatable content can be a tricky task if you’re not up to speed with your audience. If you’ve tried a few things but still feel like you’re trying too hard to get down with the millennials, we can help you speak their language. We’ve produced plenty of campaigns for brands with posts that complement their tone of voice for that extra touch of authenticity.


Want to find new ways to engage your audience or just need a content refresh?

We can help. From planning campaign concepts to auditing your existing content, let’s work together to improve the messaging on your social channels.