Why social adverts can really pay off

Know your stuff to create a campaign with impact

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We’re huge advocates of growing a social audience organically for the simple reason that it generates relevant engagement and a steady increase of genuine followers. But if you're looking to boost your engagement and really get noticed, knowing your stuff when it comes to social adverts can help you to create a campaign with impact.

We often work with brands who have just started out on social or are launching a new product or campaign. For those clients we often recommend running adverts that work alongside organic content to help get more eyes on their channels.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming when making those first initial decisions on what’s best for your brand. We’ve managed campaigns on every platform from LinkedIn to Google AdWords and can talk you through the pros and cons of each.

But there’s one channel that always helps get great results…

It’s Facebook. Of course it’s Facebook

Here’s our quick-and-easy guide to why Facebook is our preferred social ads platform.

It’s cheaper than other platforms

With ads that reach thousands of users costing as little as £5, you can test whether a specific audience is receptive without spending a fortune. As an initial approach, we like to use A/B testing to see whether a new tone of voice or targeting a different audience would be more effective and result in more conversions.

It’s easy to monitor your results straightaway

On Facebook you can see how many people have seen your ad and how they’ve engaged with it. This helps you make make better informed decisions about your ads, quicker. Our tips:

-  Campaign not working? Pause it before the spend goes up.

-  Ad more effective than you thought? Prep similar posts to keep                          the message going.

You can be super-targeted when you select your audience

Choose users based on demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, locations, behaviours or interests to create an ad that’s seen by the right people for your brand.

Studies show 74% of customers get frustrated when they see marketing content that has nothing to do with their interests. Facebook’s targeting options can help you to create a personalised campaign to show your audience that you really understand them.

Thinking about using Facebook ads for your next campaign?

Working with a content creator (or two) can help to keep your campaign on track. But why choose us?

From ensuring every element of your campaign reflects your brand to keeping you up to date with analytics – we’ll work with you, setting out clear goals to make sure you get results that are right for your brand.

And as a little extra…

If you’d like to know our insider tips for making Facebook ads work for you, email info@crocstar.com to get your hands on our cheat sheet for Facebook beginners.