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Is PR still relevant?

A rolodex of media contacts and charming journalists for column inches – sounds archaic, doesn’t it? With most newspapers thinly staffed and on ever-tighter budgets, those ideas are bygones. Both PR and media are intrinsically linked and both industries have changed enormously, so is there still a place for PR? 

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Using social to tell your brand story

Brands can use social platforms to tell a story over time to their community of followers. Storytelling should stir up emotion and take us on a journey… as we suspend our cynicism we are more likely to believe (and buy).

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How to tell your brand story

People are inclined to buy from brands they trust, share values with and feel invested in. The best way to create this connection with them is to tell a consistent, plausible story with personality. 

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The ways millennials are changing the workplace

Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are the generation currently graduating, entering the workplace and forging new careers. By 2020, nearly half the working population will be millennials. How is this demographic changing the world of work?

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Personas and why they're a critical consideration for any content creator

Knowing your audience and their motivators should form one of the earliest parts of any plan. If there’s no one around to engage, entertain or educate then you’ve pretty much failed.

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