Department for Education


The Department for Education is a department of the government responsible for child protection, education, apprenticeships and wider skills in England.

What we did for them

One of the Crocstar team was permanently embedded in the DfE team to offer content design expertise. 

The objective of the project was to help schools save money by improving the way they buy goods and services. We worked on the Alpha stage through to Beta.

We worked closely with subject matter experts to help school buyers understand what they need for their school. From this, we created guidance manuals on certain categories such as ICT hardware, cleaning and catering.

We used pair writing techniques, plain English and knowledge of how users read online. Shannon wrote a blog post on her time at DfE. 

What they say

“Paper noted early on the need for quality content design, so working with Crocstar was a logical fit for us. Having Shannon work directly with our team and DfE enabled us to build a truly self-organised team.”

Mark Goddard: Director at Paper Design Studio

Staff Writer