East Midlands Trains


East Midlands Trains is the biggest transport provider in the Midlands. EMT is based in Derby and provide transport services across the East Midlands and parts of Yorkshire.

What we did for them

We work closely with the EMT team on large scale campaigns, website copy, social media sessions, and radio scripts.

What they say

“I approached Crocstar as we began a new journey on defining our tone of voice - communication in the rail industry is key to customer safety.

Crocstar helped us by identifying what our tone of voice should be, and how that may differ depending on the situation. As the guidelines were developed, I was very impressed with how they nailed the brief, first time. It was then I began to explore other ways Crocstar could bring our brand to life, especially through advertising.

The result was brilliant. Our brand is so much more genuine, human, warm and friendly. Previously it was cold, corporate, and a tad boring! Our brand tracking research has proven that we're not the only ones who love the new tone of voice: an impressive 89% of our customers have told us that they like our advertising. Given we're in the rail industry, we were really surprised and thrilled that we had managed to make an impact, landing our key marketing messages.

I especially liked the team’s keenness to work on the brand together. It sounds corny, but it genuinely feels like this is our brand. It’s easy to see when a company genuinely cares about a brand and how personally invested they are with our account.

I found the experience enjoyable, easy, and rewarding. Over my career, it’s rare that an agency exceeds your expectations (especially high ones!) without the huge retainer attached.

Crocstar now work on most of what we produce, ranging from timetables and safety posters to the fun advertising such as station dressings, radio scripts, out of home, direct mails and emails.”

Kate Squires, Marketing Manager.

Staff Writer