How we work

Digital communication with honesty and authenticity.

Your online content is your most important tool. It needs to work (really) hard to tell your audience the story of your business.

But digital marketing doesn’t need to feel false or forced, we’ll use your voice to tell your story in the way you want it to be told.

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1. Meet ‘n’ greet

We’ll invite you round for tea, biscuits and a chat about what you need. At this stage, we want to know what you’d like to achieve with your campaign and how we can get you there.


2. How can we help you?

Once we’ve done our research, we’ll send you a personalised proposal that details exactly what we’ll do. Once you’re happy with it we’ll all sign a contract on the dotted line.


3. Ready, set… Go!

Now we’re all set. Armed with several cuppas and a stack of Post-It notes, we’ll create your new content. We’ll stay in touch so you know how it’s going and when you can expect to see it.


4. You’ve got mail

Your content goes through an in-depth proofreading process with our team before you see it. When the first draft arrives in your inbox, at least three sets of eyes have reviewed it already.


5. A final brush-up

Have a read, mull it over then pop us through any feedback you have. We’ll go through every comment with a fine-tooth comb and make any tweaks you need so that it’s absolutely perfect.


6. Finish and sign-off

When the rhythm is right and the detail delightful, we’ll send your content to you for final sign off. After a celebratory cup of tea it’ll be time to look at how else we can help you.