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Crocstar's top 5 weird and wonderful Instagram accounts

We’re fully-fledged, self-confessed Instagram obsessives. From styling snaps to collaborating with influencers (and meeting our favourites), we love everything about the photo-sharing app.

Along with checking our Instagram, the other thing that’s top of our list is the serious business of lols. Sneaky giggles, cheeky chuckles and full-on belly laughs – we want them all. But how can we bring together two of our favourite things?

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Crocstar Audience Series - Chapter Three: Sam Binstead

For chapter three of our audience series, we headed up north to Sheffield to chat with Sam Binstead, the owner of Upshot Espresso. But this wasn’t about awesome coffee and cake. Okay, it wasn’t just about awesome coffee and cake…

We’ve recently attended YMS conference and one of the key themes to come from it was the power of influencers, more specifically micro-influencers.

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Crocstar Audience series - Chapter two: Flipboard

In a world of automated tweets, scheduled social posts and spam Instagram followers, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to create meaningful content that really connects with an audience.

In the second chapter of our audience series, we’ve spoken to Jess Elsey, Flipboard’s UK News Editor. She tells us about using the app to curate personalised content for each of our clients, to keep their content authentic and engaging.

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The lifespan of a meme

Memes often come in too many shapes and sizes for most people. However, for someone like me who spends every second I can on my computer, I think they're all beautiful.

There’s a 50/50 split between how a meme begins: it's either totally unintentional, or completely intentional.

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Netflix is brill

Is there a certain something you couldn’t live without (besides the obvious stuff like water, food and air)? Maybe it’s your pet or your car… or your favourite café that you buy lunch from every day?

For me, it’s Netflix. Much like showering and a morning coffee, it’s become part of my routine. 

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