Living like a Crocstar

You live, you learn, and I’m currently living it up at Crocstar’s Derby office, on an internship learning about content creation. Writing engaging copy that is accessible to all is no easy task, but it’s what Crocstar do best. I’m in the right place at the right time in my life, as I’m looking for real experience in the marketing field.

Having recently completed a Master’s degree in Visual Communication, I’m now focused on an exciting new career in marketing and advertising. An internship was the natural next step towards my future goals and aspirations. I looked to Crocstar for an exciting opportunity centred around marketing and copy in a commercial environment.

Live like a Crocstar

From the offset, I have been fortunate enough to work on commercial projects for clients, including Rolls-Royce. I did research by reading documents and held telephone interviews then I assisted in writing copy for the marketing of their Excellence Awards. Experiencing the professional role in action was great.

Such involvement means I’m fully immersed in agency life at Crocstar, enjoying real opportunities and gaining a variety of commercial experience. Exploring new challenges in an established and forward-thinking environment will be really positive for my future. I’m certainly making the most of my internship and looking to discover new things, while sharing my own ideas and experiences.

What I bring to the show

In the past, I’ve had experience of working with concept development, copywriting, branding and photography. All of these skills are relevant to Crocstar and I’ve enjoyed putting them to use during my internship. When in either the commercial or academic world, rigorous research and questioning are of great importance to me when working on any project. 

The folks at Crocstar have been great here and really encourage me to take on new projects. I’ve used my photo editorial skills alongside Adobe InDesign to develop and challenge the agency’s promotional deck. Constructive feedback and team discussions have been very useful, offering insight into how concepts and commercial practice work together.

It certainly is through talking and learning that we grow. 

The content has landed

Content, in the form of copy, has played a big part in my internship. With Crocstar, I know I’m in a very safe pair of hands when it comes to the written word. I’m enjoying the opportunity to develop different styles of writing. I’ve been encouraged to write, reflect and share throughout my continued development as a creative by discussion, presentation and consideration.

As an intern I’ve undoubtedly developed more relevant skills for my future career. The ability to write copy at a commercial level is an ongoing learning curve for me and active discussion and team development has undoubtedly been of benefit.

Thank you Crocstar.

Arnie Taylor