Top tips for creating content on a small budget

You can spend an obscene amount of money creating video content. But you don’t need to.

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Looking to create a super engaging social campaign? Or maybe you’re wanting to dabble in video content? If you've got big ideas but only a small budget to execute them, don't lose hope…

There are lots of simple ways to make your pounds stretch.

Bye bye blockbuster budgets

In 2017, 90% of content shared across social platforms were videos. Businesses tend to shy away from creating video content for two reasons:

  • it seems like it’ll cost a lot

  • it looks like hard work

Now don’t get us wrong, you can spend an obscene amount of money on creating video content. But you don’t need to.

Now more than ever, ephemeral content is key. This means content that has a shorter lifespan, with a powerful message. Short form, fleeting videos are popular across Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in the form of ‘Stories’.


After analysing 100 million Facebook videos published in 2017, Buzzsumo found that on average, shorter videos generated more interactions. The longer the video, the lower the engagement.

The sweet spot for video length? 60 to 90 seconds.

This kind of content doesn’t have to be super-polished (and take up your whole budget). Your audience will respond more to content that feels natural and off-the-cuff or offers a behind-the-scenes look at your brand.

If you’re going to post a Story on social, it doesn’t require hours of planning either. The entire point of ephemeral content is that it’s quick, fun and simple. And to make sure your video gets seen after you’ve posted it…

Affordable ads

Adding a social media element to your campaign isn’t as costly as you might think. You’d be amazed at how many people you can reach using a considered £5 advert.

Stretch your spend even further by using targeted ads on Facebook and Twitter. (As Facebook owns Instagram, any ad you create in Facebook automatically appears on Instagram too. Nice.)

Using smart targeting (location, interests, shopping habits), you can get your content seen by your desired target audience.  


Quality over quantity

Although it’s tempting to have constant content coming from each of your social channels, it’s far more beneficial to create quality, engaging content sporadically.

Having a stream of generic social posts won’t generate interest, clicks or views. But a post that packs a punch is much more likely to attract engagement.

95 million photos are shared on Instagram daily so it’s difficult for current and potential customers to find your posts. And due to Instagram’s algorithms, 70% of Instagram posts aren’t even seen.

This means by pushing content live as and when you feel necessary, more people will see it as social platforms are now letting your followers know when you’ve posted.


This generates curiosity within your followers – what have you been up to? Plus, it gives followers a sense of community and excitement.


You’ve paid for your content. It’s done well on your socials and website. Now what?

Don’t rush to create something new – recycle it.

Blog posts are super easy to convert into podcasts and infographics. Infographics can be transformed into videos. And videos can be turned into gifs and blog posts.

Get more for your money – reuse and recycle your content.

Use your budget more wisely

Here at Crocstar, we’ll work closely with you to understand what you need, whatever your budget.

This is exactly what we did for our client, GB Labels. They were eager for us to take ownership of all their social channels to build an audience and use it as another avenue to take orders and give great customer service.

The solution?

We took control over their five channels, produced a full editorial strategy along with the creation of all content. Plus we created sponsored ads and amplification to specific audience segmentations.

We organically grew their audience from the low hundreds to over 2000 followers – resulting in more orders generated through social.

Go on, give your campaign the best start – get in touch with us.